Debussy Preludes arranged for 5- and 6-mallet Vibraphone Solo

Danseuses de Delphes,Le sons et les parfums tournent dans l'air du soir,La fille aux cheveux de lin,La serenade interrompue,Minstrels of Delphi

Phrases frequently cross the bar lines or start in the middle of a bar.  Although Dance of Delphi is in 3/4 meter, it has the feeling of both odd and even changes of time, including three, four and five bar phrases.   < More >

The Sounds and Scents Spin About in the Evening Air

    Debussy mixes 5/4 meter with 3/4 meter and starts and ends phrases in the middle of the bar.  Throughout much of the piece, the performer is instructed to play "En animant un peu", "Enretenant”, "Cedez " or "Rubato".  Add these style and tempo instructions to a thoroughly impressionistic harmonic structure and the result is music that moves from one thought to the next, sometimes without beginning or ending.   < More > Girl with the Flaxen Hair

     One of Claude Debussy's more popular piano works, this is a masterpiece of harmonic trickery.  A magnificent example of merging impressionistic harmonic structure with classic form, The Girl with the Flaxen Hair is set in 3/4-time with melody and accompaniment as its stylistic structure.  < More >

The Interrupted Serenade

    Debussy takes us through a world of altered chords and implied key centers built on various combinations of minor and diminished scales.  Eventually he brings us to what appears to be a cadence in the Aeolian (vi-minor).  He has, in fact deceived us and interrupted our serenade with the related tonality of the Phrygian (iii-minor) only it is major!  But not for long, we are abruptly thrust back into a variation of the original theme and off we go, back into the world of altered chords and ambiguous tonalities.  < More >

    There are numerous tempo and style indications throughout the score; "les gruppetti sur le temps", "Cedez //au Mouv!", "tres detache", "moqueur "and more.  Add staccato and detached phrase markings to "nervous and with humor" and you have a fun piece to both perform and listen to.
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Published in Percussive Notes, PAS Journal

logo-pdf.jpgA study in expanded, five- and six-mallet solo vibraharp techniques, part 1. Percussive Notes, 29(3), 47-50.

logo-pdf.jpgA study in expanded, five- and six-mallet solo vibraharp techniques, part 2. Percussive Notes, 29(4), 72-73.

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